Guaranteed Search Engine Positioning has an exceptional program to get your site ranked solidly in the major search engines.

Monthly Programs

Monthly Program #1. 20 top 10 rankings in Google.

Twenty top 10 rankings in Google every month @$50 each. $899 maximum per month.

You're only charged for the results achieved,

i.e. 12 Google top 10 rankings = 12 X $50 = $600 for the month.

i.e. 20 Google top 10 rankings = 20 X $50 = $1000, your cost... Just $899


Monthly Program #2. 15 top 10 rankings in Googls.

Fifteen top 10 rankintgs in Google @$50 each. $699 maximum per month.

You're only charged for the results achieved,

i.e. 8 top 10 rankings in Google

= 8 X $50 = $400 for that month would be your cost.

i.e. 13 top 10 rankings in Google @$50 each. 13X$50=$650

Monthly Program #3. 10 top 10 rankings in Google

10 Top 10 Rankings in Google @$50 each, $499 maximum per month

i.e. 12 Google top 10 rankings = 12 X $50 = $600, but your charge for the month would be just $499.

i.e. 6 Google top rannkings = 6 x $50 = $300 for that month.


SETUP: Setup for each program is equal to 1/2 of the maximum monthly for that program.
Program #1 Setup = $449
Program #2 Setup = $349
Program #3 Setup = $249

What does the setup include?

The setup for each Program includes construction of pages (on your site) optimized to rank highly in Google, for each of your keyword phrases. Also included is construction of a sales video (based on text you provide), construction of 'high-value' links from 'high-value' domains and built with anchor text appropriate for your keywords and keyword phrases.
After setup, there is no charge if no rankings are achieved and you're only charged for the amount of rankings achieved, up to the maximum amount in your program.

INCLUDED: All three of the above programs include Social media links and new backlinks every month. Program #1 includes a new sales video each month, built with text you provide.



"I put my keyword in the META TAGS and I'm still not ranked #1. Why not?"

Answer: Several years ago, that might have been enough. But now, depending on your keywords, there could be as many as 1,000,000 sites with your keyword in the META TAGS. Of course, just doing that isn't going to be enough. 

GSEP.COM is a full time, professional Search Engine Positioning company. We know the tricks, but more importantly we know the techniques to achieve top rankings for your site. Call us today!



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