How do we achieve these results? We apply a series of techniques we've learned over time to achieve for your site, the top positions for the best keywords and phrases to bring you traffic. We analyze, and discuss with you, your site, your products or services, your current search engine positions (if any), your USP (Unique Selling Proposition), your goals and expectations, and work with you to develop a mutually acceptable set of keywords and keyword phrases. 

Then we go to work. We optimize and improve existing pages in your site, making them more 'search engine friendly' for your chosen keywords and keyword phrases.  Additionally, we may recommend adding additional pages to emphasize keywords that aren't getting the coverage they should. These additional pages for your site are designed to optimize your search results in, and are tailored specifically toward,  the major search engines, while, at the same time, adding valuable content for your site's visitors.  Our copywriters are experienced, intuitive and professional, making their livings writing for magazines, doing other freelance writing and writing for us and our clients. We incorporate these new pages into your page menu structure so that they're linked from your home page and, therefore, are easy for the engines to find. 


These are not machine generated pages. These are not doorway pages. Rather, they are unique pages, each one individually crafted and optimized for one of your keyword phrases. We understand each search engine's unique differences and how to build high-ranking pages - pages which will rank highly across a large number of the major engines. These pages are designed to rank highly in the various engines, providing prospects more ways to find your site, while, again, improving, for your visitors, your site's content. 

We update your keywords and their positioning within the unseen areas of your pages for optimum results. We don't do anything against the rules of the engines. We employ no hidden text, no autoforwarding, no tricks that most of the engines have rules against. We follow the rules to the letter so that our clients sites will not be banned. But, we do know how to get the most out of the rules, as they exist, to ensure that the work we do for you will result in excellent rankings.  We submit, automatically and manually (in whichever way is best for each particular engine or directory), your index (home) page, your site as a whole and any specific pages within your site uniquely directed toward specific keywords or phrases. 

The engines, particularly Google, are putting more emphasis on other areas, when it comes to search engine optimization or SEO
The two newest areas of importance are video and blogs.

We understand this and will work with you to advance your site in these areas as well. How do we do this?
We'll recommend that you add a blog to your site, and update it regularly. Your company's own blog is a great place, perhaps the best place, to highlight what makes your company superior to your competition and what makes you the company your prospects should go with.
Also, we can help you with videos. We can take your PowerPoint presentation, add a voice-over and convert it to web video, for a nominal fee. Or we can generate one or more from scratch. This, of course, costs more.

Is it mandatory to do these things? No. But, your rankings (particularly in Google) may benefit significantly from these efforts.

We monitor your site's positions for each keyword or phrase submitted. As necessary we will rework pages to improve the results, again while staying within each engine's rules. We make reports available to you, once or twice a month, by posting them to our web site and e-mailing summaries to you.

What we DON'T do. 
We don't use doorway pages. 
     ● We don't use machine generated pages. 
     ● We don't use hidden text.
     ● We don't do autoforwarding.
     ● We don't do keyword stuffing.   
     ● We don't use Overture (now Yahoo! Search Marketing) to buy top 3 rankings (sponsored listings) , then charge you an arm and a leg for "top 3" rankings and call it Search Engine Positioning! (Some of our 'competitors' do.) 
     ● We don't do anything that would jeopardize your rankings in the search engines or our Better Business Bureau Online standings. 

What we DO do. 
We do improve your existing site and build additional pages to be incorporated into your site, which will rank highly. Guaranteed. 




"Using GSEP.COM , we have seen a big increase in the number of visitors to our web site."
B. Curle

See more on our testimonials page.


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